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Bluewater Bio completes acquisition of Water Innovate

technology spin-out of Cranfield University School of Water Sciences

Bluewater Bio International, a global specialist in the cost-effective treatment of wastewater, is pleased to announce the completion of its acquisition of Water Innovate, a technology transfer spin-out from the world-renowned Cranfield University School of Water Sciences (“Cranfield”).

With the acquisition of Water Innovate now complete, Bluewater Bio will roll-out Water Innovate's proven technology portfolio commercially. Water Innovate's N-ToxTM toxicity monitoring system, for example, provides early warning of plant stress or failure, enabling water company customers to meet their legal responsibilities for monitoring and controlling water and wastewater treatment performance, in the process minimising waste, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Bluewater Bio is additionally developing N- ToxTM into a range of products for wider biological process monitoring & control and minimisation of a range of greenhouse gases arising from wastewater treatment.

Bluewater Bio's flagship HYBACS wastewater treatment process was recently awarded “Greenlight” status by the UK Trade & Investment's Global Entrepreneur Programme as a “Technology of Exceptional Potential” and the company is committed to continuous technical development and innovation.

Whilst the Water Innovate transaction delivers benefits with immediate potential from the acquisition of its existing technology portfolio, it also builds out Bluewater Bio's research and development platform both in terms of the addition of Water Innovate's own technical capability and also the ability to undertake technical study with Cranfield collaboratively. This is pertinent to further product improvement on Water Innovate's portfolio, to further process optimisation work on HYBACS, or indeed to any water and wastewater technologies which may be the subject of future acquisitions by Bluewater Bio.

Furthermore, under the terms of the agreement, Bluewater Bio benefits from a right of first refusal for five years on the commercialisation of water or wastewater-related technologies which may be independently developed pre-commercially by Cranfield.

Daniel Ishag, CEO of Bluewater Bio, commented: “Completing the acquisition of Water Innovate and attendant agreements with Cranfield has been an important milestone for us this year. We are already starting to integrate the teams and technologies and can see many promising areas for further innovation in water and wastewater technology. It is a pleasure to welcome Professor Tom Stephenson, Chairman of Water Innovate, into the Bluewater team; this acquisition brings great benefits to Bluewater in terms of the commercialisation of Water Innovate's developed products, the great and near term potential for their broader application, and the relevance of Prof. Stephenson's involvement with Bluewater Bio's flagship HYBACS wastewater treatment process and a close relationship with Cranfield.”

Prof. Tom Stephenson, Chairman of Water Innovate said: “We are thrilled to now be working with Bluewater Bio and are already engaged on exciting product developments which promise to help Bluewater Bio's customers achieve appropriate water quality standards with reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.”

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Bluewater Bio International is the holding company of a group of companies which have developed a cost effective advanced biological solution for the treatment of wastewater. Bluewater Bio is involved at all stages of the process from plant design and costing through to installation, commissioning and training and, when required, the provision of ongoing operation and maintenance. The proprietary technology, called HYBACS (Hybrid Bacillus Activated Sludge), is gaining acceptance among a growing number of companies both in Europe and the Middle East and Asia to be commercially superior to many existing treatment processes worldwide, across a wide range of treatment requirements. Bluewater Bio's strategy is to focus on selling HYBACS technology to both the municipal treatment sector and to industrial customers and polluters of water. This strategy aims to present customers with cost-effective HYBACS-based treatment and to offer solutions which provide the immediate treatment, capital cost benefits, wastewater reuse potential and also the lifetime operational expenditure benefits of the HYBACS process.

Bluewater Bio's growing product offering addresses municipal and industrial wastewater treatment and reuse requirements associated with:

  • municipal and domestic wastewater from cities and residential developments;
  • upgrading existing sewage treatment plants to meet stricter regulations and legislation;
  • monitoring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions;
  • wastewater reuse, providing high quality treated effluent for use in agriculture, irrigation, landscaping, and „greening‟ initiatives where there is water scarcity, such as the Middle East;
  • beverage wastewater from brewers and drink manufacturers;
  • food processing wastewater, for example effluent from an abattoir or
  • confectionary plant; and leachate wastewater from landfill sites.

HYBACS is also able to treat efficiently a much wider range of organic industrial wastewaters, including highly concentrated livestock wastewater and the effluent from, among others, textile manufacturers, hospitals and factories.

The HYBACS system is applicable to new and existing works, over a wide range of scale, and has been proven commercially in over 25 applications.

The HYBACS process deploys a different biological approach to any commercially established wastewater treatment process. Through its design and operation, HYBACS biologically selects a particular group of bacteria capable, when stimulated, of giving particularly high yields of different enzymes which are the work horses of wastewater treatment. This forms the foundation of the HYBACS process's ability to deliver wastewater treatment with superior performance over competing technologies in a number of key areas.

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