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Latest news from Water Innovate - June 2006

JUNE 2006: In this issue: 
ODOURsim® contract with Yorkshire Water, EEDA funding for N-Tox®, MC-R® collaboration on Membox project, latest events update.


Water Innovate has been awarded a contract with Yorkshire Water to carry out Odour Survey and Modelling work on the Lundwood WwTW Project. The contract involves assessing the impact of planned upgrade works under the Freshwater Fish Directive, utilising ODOURsim’s unique predictive design tool capability to model the before and after situations.

The new Code of practice on Odour Nuisance from Sewage Treatment Works was released on 12th April 2006. The Code of Practice highlights suggested good practice for controlling bad smells and how best to respond to complaints of odour from members of the public. The Code applies to all sewage treatment works and other facilities where sewage is contained or handled, not subject to IPPC.

ODOURsim® can be used to determine the hourly variability of emissions to:

  • Show when high levels are likely to occur
  • Calculate the peak-to-mean emission rate ratios for OCU design
  • Improve dispersion modelling accuracy to determine the frequency of potential annoyance, intensity, duration and location (FIDOL).


Following the Shell Springboard Award, Water Innovate has been awarded a DTI Research and Development grant through EEDA (East of England Development Agency) to enable further development of a diagnostic tool linked to N-Tox® for assessing the failure mode of nitrification in wastewater treatment plants in order to protect the aqueous environment. For details of N-Tox articles published to date visit:


Water Innovate has just started working in collaboration with organisations such as PERA, Cranfield University, Hanovia, Milleniumpore and Cimcool to develop an innovative process for the treatment of spent metalworking fluids. The project, known as Membox, is funded under the DTI Technology Programme and aims to develop a two-stage hybrid treatment process incorporating proprietary MC-R® technology from Water Innovate.


Cranfield University School of Water Sciences is running a 2-day CPD workshop, Techniques for odour monitoring, 21-22 June 2006. ODOURsim® modelling will feature in two sessions, “Chemical modelling” and “Emission theory and calculation. For more information and to register go to:

Water Innovate has presented at two leading water industry network events. ODOURsim® was presented at the EPSRC Odour Network Meeting on 15th March 2006. An N-Tox® presentation was given at the Industrial Waste Water Network Meeting on 25th May 2006. For copies of the presentations visit our website or go to: or

Water Innovate will have an exhibition and be presenting at the CIWEM National Conference on 12th September. For details of this and other upcoming events visit

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