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Latest news from Water Innovate - March 2006

MARCH 2006: In this issue: 
N-Tox® wins Shell Springboard award, ODOURsim® discussion forum is activated, and our website Events section is updated. 


Water Innovate (N-Tox®) has been awarded funding of £40,000 through the Shell Springboard awards, being one of just three southern region entries selected to go through to a national final event in London on 7th March. 
Shell Springboard is a programme that seeks to provide a financial boost to a small number of compelling business plans from across the UK. The judges are looking for business plans for a product or service which:

  • will lead to greenhouse gas reductions;
  • is commercially viable;
  • is innovative.

Wastewater accounts for up to 4 per cent of nitrous oxide emissions, a greenhouse gas which has almost 300 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. The problem is expected to get worse as tougher nitrogen discharge controls increase the risk of nitrous oxide emissions from sewage plants. Water Innovate has recognised the issue and developed N-Tox®, a new low cost monitor that will help to detect nitrous oxide emissions, thereby helping to prevent their release into the atmosphere. For further details visit


The ODOURsim® Forum has now been activated on the Water Innovate website at . The Forum has been set up to allow industry discussion on topics such as odour measurement, dispersion modelling and ODOURsim® modelling. The Forum can also be used for posting questions, all of which will be picked up and answered by the modelling team at Water Innovate. 
An ODOURsim® demo disc with full functionality is now available on a 30 day trial period. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Water Innovate will be giving presentations at two leading water industry network events during March. ODOURsim® will be presented at the ESPRC Odour Network Meeting on 14th March 2006. N-Tox® will be presented at the Sensors for Control of Biological Processes SWIG Workshop on 23rd March 2006. 
for further details visit

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